January 1, 2009


I had fun this afternoon with a recipe I've been wanting to try. Justin is snowboarding, so I had to occupy myself, and this was so much fun. There's more on my other blog, but I wanted to make you all jealous by letting you know what a delicious dessert I'm enjoying right now : )
Is your mouth watering?


Vallen Family said...

Ooh, those do look good. And coming from me right now...that is really sayin something. When I can surface from the toilet long enough...we will have to play. How are you guys doin?

Christine said...

Those look so yummy, too bad I'm not eating any sugar for a month. Those will have to be for Valentine's Day! Love the new pic of you and Justin. Love the mac & Cheese recipe, got it from your mom and make it all the time. Love the new blog. You are so stinkin' creative!

Rachel said...

Those look so delicious! Looks like you had a good holiday! I'm so excited for the new blog!