November 5, 2008

It's snowing!

And I'm so excited! Pictures to come later.

Here are the good parts of winter:
1) Snow
3)My Birthday
4) Cute coats
5) That's it. No other good parts.

(Tommy says that his birthday should make that list, but I beg to differ.)

FYI, Tommy should get his mission call either today or tomorrow! We are so excited, and anxiously awaiting the letter so we can know where he'll serve for the next two years! I'll keep you all posted, and update as soon as we know! Yay Tommy! We're so proud of you!

1 comment:

ma said...

Fires in the fireplace, hearty stews and soups, days off school, pink snowy cheeks on happy children, bulky sweaters, no yard work, flannel pj's.
I am so glad you are there with Tommy at this important moment. I will be there in spirit, which is probably the best since this spirit will probably be crying her eyes out! Thanks for the picture!