November 1, 2008

I Can Totally Believe it's Not Butter

I can't remember who, but I was talking to someone yesterday about margarine.

Here's why I can't really think of eating it.

How margarine is made


It's definitely your own choice, but I won't be eating it any time soon. I have a hard time believing that the natural saturated fats found in yummy, creamy, healthy, fresh butter is really more evil than the manufactured, bleached, steamed, grey, unnatural fats in margarine.

Here's my favorite part:

How is margarine made: Step 5
What comes out of the partial hydrogenation process is a smelly, lumpy, grey grease.
To remove the lumps, emulsifiers – which are like soaps – are mixed in.

How is margarine made: Step 6
The oil is steam cleaned (again!) to remove the odor of chemicals. This step is called deodorization and it again involves high temperature and high pressure.

How is margarine made: Step 7
The oil is then bleached to get rid of the grey color.

Well, at least we can rest assured that our margarine is disinfected. Yummy.

By the way: this isn't just the first source that came up on Google. I've read this in a lot of places, and they all say the same thing. This one was just the easiest to read. If you want more sources, just ask me.


Jed said...

It was me. You told me about the grey matter

Manda McDaniel said...

oh yeah! thx for reminding me.

Vallen Family said...

Hey just wanted to let you know we changed our blog address to :

We should get together soon!

ma said...

I am so glad I have always believed in butter!!! YUM.

Vallen Family said...

Oh, and I totally went to the store and bought real butter cause I couldn't eat what I had in my fridge...Oi!