November 1, 2008


After passing out candy to all 10 trick-or-treaters we had, (slight exaggeration), we went over to our friends Chelsey and Calvin Cook's house. I was going to dress up as Belle, like usual, but at the last minute decided to go as a jack-o-lantern because it was much more comfortable to wear jeans and an orange shirt. Lame, I know, but I ended up being glad because we played dominoes on the floor for a good part of the time, and it would have been much harder in my blue Belle dress.

Anywho- Here are some pictures!

All of the girls, from left to right:

Chelsey, a gypsy. Me. Hanna, midnight the cat. Ali, the "money" of Bee-Money- see below... And Lindsey, a cowgirl.

The boys: Chris Rowley, Chris Peterson, Jed, Jamie, Nathan, and Justin.

Justin was an undercover cop. Lame, I know. But he did have his gun and badge, so... I guess it's slightly legit.

Hanna's costume was uber cute!

Jed and ALi came dressed as "Bee Money"! Way fun. For anyone who doesn't know who
B-Money is, he's a guy who is slightly slow, and is a "local celebrity" for his rap music. I met him when I used to ride the bus to work, and he tried to get me to come to him autograph signing at Wendy's that afternoon. It seems like everyone is Provo has had some sort of run-in with
B-Money, when he's not hangin with the honies, that is.
If you'd like small sampling of his talent, check out his first you tube music video, here.
But anyway, Ali did an awesome job on their costumes! It was great!

Jed's stinger was a little awkward. nuff said.

Hubba Hubba- Who do you trust?
very nice.

Nathan was a bumble bee. How cute...

Amanda and Adam were road signs. I don't think I needed to tell you that though.

We had a race to see who could wrap a mumm faster. You had to use 2 rolls of TP. I think Chelsey and I won wrapping up Jed because ours was way neater...

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
And here's another taste of b-money. Probably the best bus ride ever, for obvious reasons. Absolfetchinlutely.

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