November 3, 2008

Dear Mr. Salesman,

If you come into my office and try to sell me something, I'm going to assume 2 things about you, right off the bat:

1) You are slightly pathetic and need a new job.

2) Your business isn't doing very well, so you've resorted to walking around town soliciting business at your neighbors offices.

I will try to make you feel better by pretending your offer is tempting, but alas, I just can't right now.

However, my polite response really does not contain any interest whatsoever. I am merely trying to make you feel better.

Because I believe you are more aware of your plight than I am, I would appreciate if you took my answer, and left with mutual good feelings between the two businesses.

But no. You are relentless, asking me to pay with a credit card, since I don't have the money in my account. It really is quite degrading to yourself, and it's not working. So please- just stop.

And no, I'm not going to get my teeth whitened with your dentist. Thanks though.



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