October 14, 2008

Pumpkin time!

I love carving pumpkins!  It's probably my favorite thing about Halloween.  Luckily, Justin enjoys it too.  I always look forward to it as a challenge of my artistic ability.  I pride myself on cool pumpkins, but this year I need a bit of help deciding what I should do!
These are our last year's pumpkins.  Can you guess which one is mine?  (Hint:  Justin thinks it's hilarious to put drool/vomit on his each year)  My brother Tommy was here visiting last year, so that accounts for the third pumpkin.

Here's a few ideas I pulled off marthastewart.com.  Please vote in the comments for your favorite!
I love this haunted house idea!  Especially the ghouls and bats in the window.  How cute!
This might just be my favorite, but don't let that bias you!  I love fall leaves, and this is just beautiful to me.  I don't really like the creepy part of Halloween, so I love things like this that are more fall, harvest, just pretty, etc.  
I've actually done this pumpkin before when I lived at home.  It was super easy to get perfect circles because I used an apple corer!  I believe that was my mom's idea...  She's so smart.  Anyway, this one is just so fun, it's hard not to want to make it again.  And I have a beautiful white pumpkin, which would be perfect...
In my opinion, this is by far the cutest!  The problem is that it's not much of an adventure.  Triangles, a circle, and a carrot.  Kind of not as much fun as I'm looking for.  But so dang cute, and original too.  I love how these each have different eye shapes-  it makes them each look like a cute little pumpkin person!  (Ok.  maybe that's weird.)
So, any opinions?  PLEASE tell me!  It's so hard to decide.  Or, if you have any other cute ideas/pictures, let me know!  
 A pumpkin carving tip:  The best tool you can use to scrape away the skin, but leave the flesh for that translucent "glow through" effect that is so cool is a citrus zester! It makes shaving away "just enough" so easy!!!  And its easy to control in your hand for "precise" work.  Just thought I'd pass that along...

If you want to see a zester, here is a great one!   Williams Sonoma Zester


Rachel said...

I think I like the little spooky town the best. I especially like the little gabled windows and the stacked pumpkins.

Where in the world did you find a white pumpkin? I've been looking for one at every store I go to!

Thanks for the counter tip. I'm excited to see how it goes!

aandkhousewright said...

I like the haunted house the best. It's very cute. That brought back memories of three years ago when I came out to visit and we carved pumpkins together. You did a really cool sun that year. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

ma said...

Who says you have to chose one? Definately a house, definately the one with the carrot nose, and definately the leaves. The more the merrier! Remember how frightened sparky use to be of pumpkins???