September 22, 2008

Passing it along...

Some good friends of ours have begun the difficult journey of trying to adopt. They have asked that everyone post about it our blogs to pass the word along, and let everyone know that they are looking to welcome a child into their home.

They are really two of the strongest people I've met. They have given birth to two children, both of which have passed away after only a short time on earth due to serious health complications. Watching them go through these trials has been an eye opening experience, and I know that they are more prepared and anxious than anyone to be able to fill their home with children.

I won't try to repeat their story, because of course Emily is so much more eloquent than I am. But if you'd like to learn more about them, they have an adoption blog set up here

They also have a profile with LDS family services here.

If you know anyone that is looking to place their baby into the arms of loving parents, please pass along this info. I know that they will be amazing parents, and their incredible faith will bring them a great miracle!

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