January 12, 2012

Mega picture update

These pictures are from my phone, and I haven't put any of those up in, oh, about 9 months or so.  There are a ton of them.  They go from newest to oldest.

Some doilies I made this weekend.

 Ollie's yogurt face at breakfast this morning

On a walk, doing his favorite thing... pointing.
 Excited about a waterfall

 That's part of a stick stuck under his nose, not a really gross boogy.

At the lake by our SC apartment
 Hiking with Dad.
 This was her when we moved in.  To welcome us to SC?
Reading a book about Trucks. 
Workshop buddies. 
Where's Ollie? 
He loves Q-Tips. 

 Checking out the tree with AJ
 First carousel ride.  He was afraid of the horses though...

 Found a stick at Mather!
 Chillin on the porch with Gran. Pointin' at stuff.

Pumpkin carving
 Helping Mom and Gran walk the Dogs.
 Sharing a seat with Pup Pup.

 The only way to enjoy a long car ride is snuggling with your best bud.
An unidentified member of our family who happens to be a Green Man!
Ollie wasn't sure about him at all.  

Reading with Dad. 
 This never happens.  But it did, once.
First ice cream cone, at Maceys. 

 Wearing Dad's shoes!
We miss Calvin. 

 Visiting Dad at work.
Silly boy! 
 A cross stitch sampler I made.  And Ollie stepped on.
 Justin bought me a guitar!  I'm teaching myself how to play.

 First lollipop, from the checkout guy at the grocery store.
 Sweet sticky heaven.

 At the splash pad by our house in Spanish Fork.

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