January 31, 2012

Lengthy, if nothing else.

I know that the majority of this blog revolves around Ollie, but I guess that there comes a time every once in a while when I should write something about Justin and I.  It's a little hard to think of things that don't involve Ollie, because really, he is our world right now.  But that probably won't ever change.  At least I hope it doesn't.

I have been trying to tap into my creative side a little more lately.  I feel a huge void in my life when I'm not working on something and playing music regularly.  Sometimes I get so consumed in Mommy things that I foget about this, and I get unhappy and dissatisfied and grouchy.  Then I remember that maybe it's because theres a little thirst inside for something that hasn't been quenched in a while, and I'll sit down at the paino or pick up my guitar, and in a little while things are better again.

Justin has this too, I think, in a bit more of a physical way.  When he doesn't run, he gets kind of crazy.  It used to be when he didn't skatboard, or when he didn't play frisbee,and now that running is his thing, he has to, or else he gets fidgety, he can't sleep, and he's so much more irritable.  He's been struggling a little bit lately because his bursitis has been bothering him a lot.  He runs exclusively barefoot (in vibrams) now, which has seemed to help a little, but every time he tries to increase his distance, it flares up.

Anyway, I've been working on a quilt for Ollie.  Right now I'm in the last phase of piecing the blocks together, and then I will have to assemble all the blocks into the quilt top.  I really like it.  There are 12 different fabrics, and they are all grey and aqua.  When I look at it, makes me think of puddles on a sidewalk.  I'm making it twin sized so that when he gets into a big bed, he can use it.  I'll post pictures when I get the top done.

Two weekends ago I happened on a tatting how-to video on YouTube.  I never realized how easy it was until I saw that, so of course, being the needlework enthusiast that I am, I had to try it.  I made my first motif (a heart) and it turned out great.  It's time consuming, but really beautiful and simple, and something on my life list over there (<---)   so I'm happy to be able to check that one off!  It will take a lot of practice for me to be any good, but I'm already dying to make something or buy something that I can put an edging on.  Preferably something with a Peter Pan collar.  For me.

I've been delving into the world of Montessori lately.  Ollie is at the age where he is just soaking everything up like a sponge, and I really want to make the most of it.  Having gone to a Montessori, I've always planned to use the principles in my home, and there is so much good literature out there on it, it's really only the constraints of my bank account that keep me from getting lost in it.  We've started doing a few activities Montessori style, and I try to make things easily accessible and simple for Ollie so he can start doing more things independently as he's ready. 

I really love so many (although not all) of the Montessori concepts.  I feel like it provides a framework for children to learn at their own pace, and build confidence by being independent.  Ollie has a strong will, and I can see him becoming so proud and satisfied when he masters a task on his own.  I can't wait to be in a more permanent living situation so we can set up his room and toy area to be better suited for this.  I'm hoping to have my Dad build some shelves-- he's already volunteered.

The weather down here has been phenomenal lately.  I guess we're having an unseasonably warm winter, and those words are music to my ears.  We spend most of our days out on our balcony reading, playing the guitar, playing, or just resting.  We've also been able to go to the playground a lot, and take Ruby to a little dog get together several days a week.  Ollie loves the playground, and has an affinity for the slides.  He goes down them all by himself, but isn't big enough to climb up to them, so it ends up being a serious upper body workout for whoever is there with him, Justin or I.  I wish there were things there geared toward younger kids, but it's so close that we can walk there, so I can't complain too much. 

Justin has been doing AMAZINGLY well at his school.  Everyone told him before we came down that he shouldn't bring his family, it was going to be too stressful, but he has proved them all wrong. He's managed to maintain an A average, which is REALLY good.  He's ahd to study a lot, and I won't say that it hasn't been a sacrifice on all of our parts, especially his, but he's turned out to be quite the smarty pants.  I'm seriously SO PROUD of him.  He is awesome.  And he never compains.  He's incurably happy and satisfied with his life.  In that way, among others, I want to be just like him when I grow up. 

Aside from that, he's been making some new friends (another one of his talents), running, and being a good Dad to Ollie.  That's about all he's had time for.  He and I have opposite problems in that regard.

Sunday was my 25th birthday, and it was a great one.  The boys spoiled me with their good behavior (O) and thoughtfulness (J).  We went shopping almost all day on Saturday, and Justin surprised me with an appointment for a massage.  Sunday we had an amazing breakfast (my favorite meal), and Justin made some delish Indian food for dinner, complete with the BEST NAAN EVER.  Seriously, it was so good.

That's about it for now.  I'll get back to posting regular Ollie updates soon.


Emily@Little Forever Family said...

We toured a montessori school last month, and thought about starting Collin when he turned three, but it was just so strict and somewhat unrealistic. I love the montessori way of learning, and am hoping to still find either a school or group that does montessori. Any good recommendations for books? I feel like whenever I have looked at montessori on the internet there is just SO MUCH information!

Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

I've heard some stuff about Montessori, but I'd love to hear more about it from your perspective since you actually did it. We should do lunch when Justin's class is over and you guys are back up here.

By the way, I love hearing about Ollie, but it was nice to get an update about the whole fam!

Rachel said...

I love the idea of tatting on a peter pan collar. Please post if you do this project! I'd like to see your heart too.