November 29, 2011

The past week

We've been pretty busy here the last few weeks getting ready for a whirlwind of parties and activities last week. The boys and Kassi came in Monday night/Tuesday morning, and it was great to see and spend time with them. Thursday, we had my Mom's family over for Thanksgiving, which was fun, loud, crowded, and delicious, and then we had a bridal shower for Kassi on Saturday night! Tommy, Kassi and Jake left on Sunday morning, and then we all collapsed into a heap of exaustion from too much fun, partying, and good food.

Here's a few highlights from the week:

Mom and I made Kassi a scrabble cake for the shower. It took way too long, but was totally worth it. Rarely is it that I see something or have an idea, and the execution works out pretty much just like I imagined it, but this was one of those times. I'm pretty proud of it!

We played some fun games...

And mom gave Kassi a "little something" to wear... hahaha.

We had our first big boo boo. Ollie found a pencil sharpener, which he then stuck his finger into, resulting in a big gash on his finger. I think it must have been a really clean slice because he didn't cry at all, I just all of a sudden noticed blood all over his hands and cup and the floor. It bled like crazy, through several band aids, but healed pretty quickly. We are now back to our non-band aided self.

My mom gave Ollie an early Christmas present, a SLIDE! He loves it. It only took him about 1 minute to figure out how to climb up, sit down and get his legs turned around the right way, and then scoot until he slid down. Then he found out he can drop things down it, like trains.

Yesterday, he figured out how to do a somersault dismount off of the slide. As he's going down, he plants his sweaty little feet on the end, which flips his head forward, and if he's lucky he has enough momentum to get him all the way over. Unfortunately most of the time, he forgets to tuck his head, so it ends up being more of a face plant. I'm not sure how to stop him from doing this; we may end up with some rug burns on his forehead soon...

If he gets the hang of it better, I'll take a video. It's pretty amazing.

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