August 18, 2011

Splash Pad

Last night Uncle Jake came over and we went to the Splash Pad at our local park! The water was freezing, but it was super hot. We had a blast! Uncle Jake is the best!

I love this picture!


Tromping around with Dad

It always feels better to get that wet swim suit off!

This is where Ollie spends a lot of his time, especially in the mornings. He loves to look outside and dream about chewing on all the rocks in our front garden...
He and Ruby have that in common.

This is his other favorite spot. I actually have to keep the window locked because he's figured out how to push out the screen. It's about a 9 foot drop out of the window because our basement window well is directly below.

Ollie climbs on and off of the couch ALL DAY. I guess he's just getting his work out in...

Mom! Get that thing off your face!


justin mcdaniel said...
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justin mcdaniel said...

Holy crap those are good pictures! Thanks for being so good about the blog, I love getting on and reading it. It makes my day so much better!

Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

Darn Justin, you're making Doug look bad. He never reads MY blog! Haha!

Anyways, Amanda... These pictures are amazing! :) I love the one of Ollie in the window and also the face that he is making after the one where you are taking off his swim trunks.

Is he walking yet? He seems pretty mobile.