February 28, 2011

Sunday at our house.

Someone had a blow out diaper while the Home Teacher was here... So he got to stay clothes-less for a little while. I know he did that on purpose... He's started sucking his thumb off and on. Also, I think he's finally teething for real, so maybe that has something to do with it. I'm also hoping that's why he's had an insanely runny nose for a few weeks now.
Also, he likes to raspberry a lot. Especially when he has a mouthful of squash. Or sweet potatoes. Or especially something that stains my shirt.

If you didn't know, or haven't noticed, Justin has lost about 45 lbs. recently...
And he's going to absolutely kill me for posting this picture. And writing about this at all.
But doesn't he look fantastic? I mean, he always has, but he's really gotten into running, and is obsessive compulsive about counting his calories. All his hard work has paid off, and my husband is wasting away into nothing! I'm a little worried that I'm not keeping up...
He runs about 20-25 miles a week, and has recently decided to sign up for the Utah Valley Marathon in June! I really am proud of him, and I'm so glad he's found a new hobby.
I decided to put all of O's toys in a basket in the living room, and he loves it. He crawls over to it and pulls everything out. Or if I plop it down in front of him on the floor, he'll sit there and occupy himself for a while, which is really nice for me.
Ruby is totally jealous that he has so many cool toys.
Especially ones made of her favorite things:
Fluffy filling
Crinkly stuff that makes noise
But she is so good, and never even touches them... But a little sniff doesn't hurt, right?


Vallen Family said...

Wow, where did Justin go? He is super skinny! Ollie is just getting cuter every day! I wish we were there to watch him grow!

mom said...

awesome pictures! I miss my Ollie Bear! Thanks for posting!

aunt nancy said...

Justin looks wonderful, congratulations to him!