September 23, 2010


Ollie will be 12 weeks this Friday, and I seriously cannot believe it.

When I was pregnant, 12 weeks was an ETERNITY. It really was. One week was an eternity. But now, twelve have flown by, and I can hardly catch my breath. My newborn is now a full fledged baby, and is getting more fun, smiley, giggley, and handsome all the time.

For some reason over the last week, he has REFUSED to sleep any stretch over 3 hours. It feels like we're back to those first few nightmarish nights after coming home from the hospital. Minus the nightmares because I don't even have enough time to get into REM sleep before he's up and eating again. I feel like I'm drugged or something, and you can just forget looking cute. I've showered and brushed my teeth, and that's all I have to offer for today. Sorry Justy.

He really is a doll though, and even with the hellacious nights, you can't help but feel your heart melt when he wakes up with that big old grin on his face.

Surprising to me, having a boy is WAY fun. More fun than I expected, and of course I expected it to be great. Maybe at this age all babies are really the same, but I am thoroughly enjoying my little boy. He is awesome. And very extremely busy. I'm SURE that he's going to be very active. As long as he can sit down long enough to practice the piano every so often, I'm good with that. :)

I've been trying to find the time to make him a few soft toys, now that he's into the whole toy thing. If you have any amazing ideas for homemade baby toys, please do share. It's amazing that just over this past week he's really starting to be interested in toys and brightly colored things. He's experiementing with his voice more too, which is so cute I can hardly stand it. He gurgles and coos any time he isn't crying or sleeping.

I love being a mom, and aside from the current running-on-no-sleep business, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'm starting to be able to find little snippets of time where I can do things I enjoy, which helps tremendously in keeping my sanity. I had a hair cut on Saturday, which incidentally lasted 4 1/2 hours (thanks to my rediculously thick Thomas family hair), and Justin watched Ollie the whole time. It was the longest he had been left alone with him, and of course, everything was fine. I think I texted him every 20 minutes or so to check on them, but it was unnecessary.

We've had some really good news with the ever-pending job. They've completed yet another step in getting up back there, and we hope to receive a start date sometime soon! It could take weeks, or months, you never really know, but at least things are moving again. I'd leave tomorrow if they wanted us to. I'll miss our little house, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

I'd really like to start doing that whole crazy coupon clipping thing that is so popular nowadays. Anyone have any good ideas/tips/websites? It's a bit overwhelming. I've dallied in the idea before, but lost interest after getting deluged with info, tidbits and cutesy web sites. But I really think it's worth the time, and since I have it these days, why not? We could use the money for sure.

Any ideas on losing that last 5 lbs of baby weight? It's proving stubborn, despite exercise and calorie control attempts.

I think thats about all of my warbles for now.


Jenny said...

So were you happy with your new haircut? Did you do anything dramatic? Congrats on the job front! We had hoped there was some progress when we had our visitor.

mo mcd said...

I heard he wasn't into sleeping . . . probably just a growth spurt. Let's hope so! Marshall was a non-sleeper and it was rough. :) I let Austin watch both boys the other day for a few hours. They were fine, but Malcom HATES formula and Austin was really worn out when I got back. It was kind of nice . . . see, baby, I DO work hard! On losing the baby weight, I'm not much help. I walked and walked and walked and watched what I ate with Marshall, but a size 6 is NEVER happening for me again. Not even close. Maybe its my age? With Malcom, I lost it all fast . . . back to what I was before I got pregnant with him, but not what I was when I got married! Its tricky for me to find time and energy for lots of exercise. I'd rather crochet. ;)