September 10, 2010

10 Weeks

Our good friends Brian and Chrissie came to visit us this past Sunday! It was great to see them. We met them when Brian and Justin did the same internship at the state capitol a few years back. They are great fun, and we really miss having them out here. They are currently living in San Diego while Brian goes to law school. We only get to see them every 6 months or so, so it was a real treat that they took the time to come all the way down and see us!

They brought their adorable little girl Tori, so that she and Ollie can get acquainted. Shes 2 weeks younger than O.

Get used to it boy. You're gonna be waking up to that face in about 23 years...
(if you want to, of course. No pressure. Just Kidding. JK on that JK.)

Obviously their Daddies have this whole future thing planned out.
Arranged marriage? No...
When they left Ollie was pretty upset.
The whole long distance relationship thing can be hard.

And these are self explainatory. For my Momma.
He moves so much it's hard to get a clear picture of his face. He's gonna be an active one, just like his Daddy.

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