June 9, 2010

Thirty Seven and a Half.

So I'm 37 1/2 weeks now, and so far, not a hint of a contraction, he hasn't "dropped" or "lightened" or whatever you want to call it, and according to the Dr. today, I haven't even started to dialate at all.

I'm starting to think this baby might just stay inside forever.

The Doctor assured me he's never seen that happen.

Justin is trading places with my Mom this weekend so she can be here with me while he's there doing job stuff. It looks like I won't be going into labor while he's gone. You never know though, I guess. I'm hoping that Ollie will start making his way here ASAP after Justin gets home. Mom will be coming back out the Thursday before I'm due, so anytime between next Wednesday and my due date would be spectacular. The full moon falls on the 26th, so it's not like I'll be getting any help there.

The doctor said that he'll probably end up being a 7 or 7 1/2 lb. baby, because he's measuring small right now, and that pretty much made me squeal with happiness. I suppose the only real problem would be if he did decide to stay inside an extra week or two, then we could have some added poundage. For a small baby, he has a way of making his presence known. I can't imagine having two more, or even three more pounds of baby in there-- I already feel like there might come a time when a little fist just comes popping through my abdominal wall.

Anyway, 2 1/2 more weeks. I really can't complain about a thing-- I'm super lucky, and have had a really easy pregnancy. But I think that by the time you get to this point, no matter how easy it's been, you're just ready to get on with it and meet that baby you've been talking to for the past 9 months. We feel as ready as we could ever be, and I honestly don't have anything left to do, except buy him and iPod and an iHome so he can have his own music. Justin uses his at night, and I don't have one separate from my iPhone. We want to get a small one so we can put his music on it, and he won't be interrupted by incoming calls, or Justin wanting to go for a run. Also, Justin doesn't want sissy music on his iPod. I think he sees it as emasculating.


So, yeah. Baby O will be here before we know it. Thank heavens.


The Hicks of Kentucky said...

I was actually thinking about you today. Wondering how everything was going. So I am glad you blogged! Good luck with everything!!

nate&amanda said...

I was induced at 39.5 weeks and wasn't dialated at all. After 8hrs I was at a 1. After 18 I was still at a one. After 22hrs I was fully dialated and ready to go, so it can happen fast once it decides to happen.