May 27, 2010

Oh MY Cuteness! Crocheted Loafers!

The little tiny baby things never cease in coercing me into a isn't-this-the-cutest-little-thing-you've-ever-seen pouty face. I've been eyeing and pouting at this pattern on Ravelry for some time now, and finally broke down and BOUGHT IT yesterday. I never buy patterns. Like ever. Mostly because I'm poor. But this one was too cute to pass up, and I had to try it out immediately.

I will say that although not complicated, the pattern is a bit finicky. You have to be careful to follow all of the instructions to the T, or else you end up with a lop-sided, not centered semblance of a shoe. If you follow the directions explicitely, look at the pictures, and just go ahead and rip it out or start over if you lose your stitch count, then these will turn out just fine.
Also, this girl has some INCREDIBLY adorable little girl booties too. So check out her site even if you don't have a baby boy to stitch for.


alyssa said...

AHHHHH thats the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!!! kyla and i would go to the shoe section and look at all the tiny baby shoes and those loafers look ADORABLE!!! good job girl!

mom said...

Oh My!!! Can't believe how adorable these are! Can't wait to see the next color! Sooo cute. I keep telling you that you could make money..... ( I know...I know)