May 21, 2010

I'm really glad today is Friday

It means that tomorrow, I'm one whole week closer (35!) to having this baby, and I think he's relived that I'm one week closer to getting him out of my cramped interior. At least I hope thats what all that thrashing around means.

It's a beautiful day outside. I took Ruby for a little walk, and it was lovely.

It means that tomorrow Justin doesn't have to go to work. Although he's already filled up most of his day with Frisbee and helping some friends move. I don't mind tagging along though, even if I'm no good at either. I'm getting great at tagging along these days.

It's pay day.
Friday is my Grey's Anatomy day. I know, I know... But don't tell me the season finale wasn't awesome. It was.
Eventhough I do whatever I want every day, I give myself fewer guilt trips about not cleaning or doing a bunch of work on Fridays. So it's a guilt free day. Or at least a less-guilt day. Is any day guilt free? Not for me.

I finished Ollie's afghan last night. These pictures were taken in my horribly lit living room, after dark, on my iPhone. So, they are horrible pictures. But you get the idea. I'm too lazy these days to go upstairs, get my camera and the blanket, stage some cute shot, upload it to my computer, edit it, and post it on here. Sorry. I bet that once he comes there will be a better picture or two of O and the blanket.

It's rediculously simple, but I didn't really want to start something I needed a pattern for, because I tend to have ADD when it comes to crafting, and I didn't want to lose momentum on this one. The border is something I kind of just did, because all the border patterns I have are pretty girly. I still need to block it. Maybe I'll take a nice picture then.

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Edlin said...

i loved the grey's anatomy season finale! it was crazy!