March 10, 2010

Sk8r Boi

If you know Justin, you know that he's been wearing the same T-Shirts since he was in high school. Some literally, some not, but really, it's like pulling teeth to get him to wear anything except a Skate Shirt and jeans/shorts. That's Ok though, I don't mind, and when he needs to, he knows how to dress up. He looks like a stud in anything, and the skating is/was such a big part of his personality/life, I could never squelch that.
So of course, when I told Justin about this project I was doing, he was super excited. I think every Dad secretly wants their boy to be just like them. And at least until they're a teenager, it's pretty darn cute.
So I'm sure you've seen the freezer paper stenciling craze that has been buzzing around the Blogosphere over the last little while. I've wanted to try it, but never got around to it until I found this, the perfect project.
These onesies are just the plain white ones from Wal-Mart. I dyed them, washed and dried them, and then went on with the stenciling. I won't go into detail about how to stencil, because you can find tutorials that are way better all over the internet. Like here , here, here, and here.
So here are some closeups! This project was so fun, and Justin is completely tickled that his little boy is getting and early start with Skate Tees.
He needs to know where his blood is from.

This is for some friends that are also pregnant with a boy, and happen to be major hunting enthusiasts.




This isn't for us either. Another couple just had a baby girl, and appreciates skate shirts like we do.




This is another part of the gift made for the friends that just had a baby girl. I made it a few months ago during my Cardi-Craze, but didn't get around to blocking it until yesterday. I guess I better get this to them, or else she'll grow out of it.
P.S. to all the worry worts. I am NOT selling these. If these brands made baby clothes, I'd buy them, but unfortunately they don't. The way I see it, I have no choice but to make my own.


justin mcdaniel said...

AWESOME! That's all I can say...

Rachel said...

I love them! They look so great. Also, that cardigan is gorgeous.

mom said...

What a clever girl you are! Awesome! The possibilities are endless!

Em said...

These are so sweet! I love them and I know Justin will love them even more!!!

aandkhousewright said...

crazy cool! i want to do it! ... but what could i stencil? .... hmmm...

Vallen Family said...

Oh, I think we need to have a craft day so we can make these together! I want to make some for Carter and Ethan those are freakin cool! I bet Justin loves this!

Jenny said...

Wow! Those are awesome!

leigh + brian said...

these are so cute!!! i love it!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the idea! I have been wanting a way to personalize baby clothes for my twins that are coming! This is going to be fun!