March 20, 2010

10 Things: Complainer Edition

1. I can't wait to live somewhere where I don't have any neighbors. For a few reasons:

a. I'm a self proclaimed recluse, and I would love to not have to see anyone that I don't want to see.

b. I'm tired of the neighborhood kids rapping on my door to tease my dog, trying to sell me their old toys for $1 each, and chasing Ruby around the yard every time I try to take her to the bathroom. They wonder why she barks so much, and I want to say MAYBE IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU FLAILING YOUR ARMS, SCREAMING, WAVING STICKS IN HER FACE, AND RUNNING AROUND LIKE A FREAKING MANIAC.

c. I'm tired of not being able to have a garden, and if I have enough property to not be able to see my neighbors, I can directly infer that there will be a perfect spot to plant a garden.

2. In our house, we have the motto, "I'm my own (man/woman/dog/cat). I do what I want." So I'm going to do what I want right now by telling you the following:

Justin has a job offer back east, and we are super-dee-dooper excited about it. It isn't 100% yet, we won't be moving back for a little while still, and I'm not going to tell you any more details than that, but I'M MOVING BACK HOME. And I've waited for this day for almost 5 years now. I am excited. We'll still have the baby here, in case you were wondering.

3. It really bothers me when people complain about being pregnant. I can't think of a greater gift to be receiving, and eventhough you're sick, grumpy, tired, etc., in the end, you have a baby. What more could you want? Nothing great comes without a little sacrifice, and if all you have to do is throw up a little bit in order to have a CHILD, then I think that's a pretty sweet deal. Not to mention, there are so many people out there who can't get pregnant, it's very insensitive to them to complain about having the thing that they want the most. "Man, if only I didn't have this one bajillion dollar check written out to me that I'm going to deposit in my account right now. I wish it would just go away." Yeah, it sounds that rediculous to me. But that's my opinion.

4. There are very few things I'm going to miss about Utah. Here is a list:

a. The summer weather, and lack of humidity. But not really, because that's why the East is so green.
b. Cafe Rio.
c. Proximity to the grocery store.
d. A few friends.
That's all. It's not that this place is so bad. (Well...) It's just that it's not for me. There's nothing here that I feel a part of. There's nothing that feels like it's a part of me. I don't feel "home." I miss the smell, the people, the scenery, the culture, my family, the rivers, familiar restaurants, the roads, and everything else about the East. It has it's cons too, but I feel like it's similar to that friend that everyone else thinks is annoying, but you love them because you've grown up together and you see their worth. You can overlook the flaws because you're so comfortable there that anywhere else just doesn't feel right.
Maybe that didn't make sense. Oh well.
5. We had Ruby spayed on Thursday, and I didn't realize how much I love that dog until I had to spend a whole day at home without her. It was awful. I really love that dog.
6. I have a one eyed, grey, very sneaky cat for sale. Actually free. To a good home. He lost some brain fluid when his eye ruptured, so he doesn't have all of his marbles. He's sweet though, and loves to sit in your lap, play with string, and piss on things.
7. Eventhough my cat pees on stuff, I am very very good at cleaning it up. So don't think I'm gross. I'm totally on top of it. Which is why I want to get rid of him. (Not really, he's too sweet and damaged...) And he doesn't pee on anything downstairs, it's only when he sneaks past the baby gate up the steps...
8. Justin is never sad. If you think that he's faking it, you're wrong. We've been together 5 1/2 years now, and the boy is as chipper as a squirrel all the time. He thinks that "being in a funk" is something my mom and I made up to describe when my blood sugar is really low. Sometimes it's irritating, but most the time it helps me fend off crankiness. Which is why it sucks when he has to work all day every day, and then on saturday too. How am I supposed to not be cranky if he's gone all the time? Geesh.
Just Kidding. Kind of.
9. It isn't gross to eat yogurt straight from the tub when you're the only person that eats it, right? I buy REAL yogurt, so Justin doesn't eat it. He says it's too tart. It's French Vanilla, and not tart at all.
10. I'm am VERY GLAD that it's finally starting to warm up, but if we could quit alternating 50 degrees with accumulating snow, that would be great. One more reason why I'm excited to move back to WV: there are 4 seasons that are 3 months long each. Not 2 seasons that each last 6 months.


alyssa said...

i miss it so much back east. i never appreciated it until i moved.

justin mcdaniel said...

You are hilarious Amanda and I love you a ton, I'll get you back East soon to a house out by itself and we'll have a special room for Calvin outside where he won't be able to pee on anything.

Vallen Family said...

We are going to miss you 3 :)

Em said...

I love this, and I could not stop laughing, seriously, the cat thing threw me over the top. I hate being sick, but I LOVE being pregnant. I love feeling the little flutter, that turn into jabs. I love naps while I am pregnant. Seriously, I could be surrogate!!! I just wish I had more energy right now and less stress that that this baby will turn out healthy. I just want to know I am not broken, and as sad and pathetic as that sounds, it's truly how I feel. I want to know that I can have a healthy child. I miss West Virginia. I really do. I wish I could talk Mike into moving there. Darn our family for being out here. Maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

I know a little girl who would LOVE a one-eyed grey cat who sits in laps and pees on everything! and we are moving to the country, so Calvin would have lots of room to play. ;)

I am so thrilled that you guys are moving back! That is some of the best news I have heard in a long time! (I actually heard from my mom about a week ago).