February 4, 2010

New Pants from Old Pants

I really like the idea of sewing some of my kids clothes. Call me nuts, but right now I have time, and when they outgrow them so quickly, there are a few things that they will need a lot of.

One of those things I anticipate to be pants. Especially for a little boy. Especially when they play on the floor, or in the grass, or eat peas. I know my little boy is a bit of a ways off from needing playing pants, or pants to eat peas in, but I'm also considering diaper blow outs, spit up, and just being comfortable.

I saw this tutorial on how to make a pattern for and sew pants, and thought I'd give it a try! These days I'm all about easy, fast, and using things I already have (since we don't have money to support the crafting habit I'd like to have). This project fit the bill perfectly, and I intend on making many more pairs. I especially love the knee pads idea for when he starts crawling.

I went through our closets a few months back and pulled out about 3 trashbags full of clothes we didn't wear or need anymore. I've intended to take them to DI this whole time, but have never gotten around to it, luckily for me. When I saw this, I immediately went and dug through the rag bags, and came out with some wonderful materials to sew a few pairs of little pants.
This is the original state of the pants from the rag bag. They were a pair of 100% cotton chinos that Justin decided were too short, so he made them into work pants (when he worked at the cabinet shop). Then one day he was hot, so he cut the legs off. Ta Daa!
Now he has a uniform to wear, so he doesn't need 15 pairs of work pants. 2 or 3 are fine. Unfortunately, these were covered in stains, but I figured it would be a good first try, so if I screwed it up, I wouldn't care because they material was stained anyway.
But I think they worked just fine!
This next pair came from an old T Shirt that Justin had to wear at a sale for my old job. He said it was too close to pink. It's definitely on the orange/red spectrum more, but for someone who only wears Navy, Black, Grey, Green, Brown, and more Brown, I could see how this could be seen as pink...
These are in a newborn size, and for being born in the summer, when it's hot, I think these will be perfect because they are also 100% cotton, lightweight, and loose. Great for when it's hot, but the sun is too harsh for sensitive skin to be exposed.
I figured that in a few months, I might forget what size these are supposed to be, so I added a little size lable.

I'm really proud of these little suckers! They are fun, and completely free because I'm recycling old clothes. And what could be more comfortable than wearing something that Daddy has already loved and broken in for you?


Rachel said...

Good job! You're right. Pants are quite the needed item for a little boy. Those look great!

Jenny said...

Wow, Amanda! Those are super cute. You're amazing!

Em said...

What a cute a resourceful idea! And I love the little tags!

ma said...

As usual you amaze me!