February 10, 2010

A Long Update

So I realize that most of my posts lately have been pictures, recipes, or craft descriptions, and I haven't really updated on how we actually ARE in a while. So here it goes...

January went by really quickly. After Christmas, time always seems to pick up for me a little. The end of January was my birthday, and then there's Presidents Day, Valentines Day, and March is almost here. By March, I really feel like winter needs to be over, and summer is close. Lately, our weather has seemingly been swapped with Washington D.C.'s. They've had multiple blizzards, and we've had chilly, yet moderate temps with very little snow. It's been nice, except that I feel bad for the fam and the bad weather they've been enduring. I guess we took the blizzard home with us when we went, and left it there taking their weather home with us.

My birthday was great. It's kind of weird being alone on your birthday though. Growing up, birthdays are such a big deal, and you're always surrounded by friends and family, and then you get big and get older, which is no longer fun, and you usually have to do it alone. Luckily, I have the best hubby ever, and he came home early and spent the rest of the day with me. Also, my parents never fail to make my birthdays wonderful. I am admittedly lucky and spoiled.

Justin suprised me with planning a dinner with some friends at one of our favorite places, Gloria's Little Italy in Provo. It is seriously the best and most authentic Italian food I've ever had (I'm told it's authentic. I wouldn't really know.). Afterwards everyone came over for cake and ice cream, and it was very fun and I felt loved.

We found out (as you already know) that we're having a baby boy, which was really the highlight of my month. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around us being parents, but it's slowly coming together. I'm 20 weeks along now, which means halfway finished! I'm glad that the last half is going to be during the spring. Spring always goes by quickly for us. Justin starts playing frisbee 2-3 nights/week, the days get longer and longer, and the weather warms up, so there's really nothing bad about Spring at all. Except that it is always too short. But this year, that's a good thing because by the time June rolls around, we'll be ready to have ourselves a little bundle of joy.

Another wonderful thing that will happen this Spring is that Justin will be finishing his Masters Program! I can not tell you how unbelieveably proud I am of him. Not only did he work full time almost the entire time he was doing his undergrad (also full time), but he finished that and decided to take on an accellerated Masters Program while again working full time. He's had stellar grades the entire time, and has managed to balance his work, working over time every week, school, and home life. He really is an amazing person and such a hard worker. He never complains or whines about being so busy and having so much on his plate. He gets things done, and always has the most positive attitude. I am so lucky to have him. I hope our kids get his optimism and unfailingly cheery personality.

I really am so proud of him, I could babble on and on, and make progressively less and less sense. In the words of Mr. Knightley, from Jane Austen's Emma, "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."

I watched Emma on Masterpiece Classics (online at pbs.org!!!) this past week, including the third installment yesterday, and it was just wonderful. They do such a wonderful job, and the three episodes are available online for the next week or two, so if you have some free time, watch it. The only thing I don't understand is why Emma is so disliked by readers? She has good intentions, although they do turn out badly most of the time, but isn't that descriptive of all of us? I rarely have a bad intention, but that doesn't mean things always work out and no one ever gets mad at me. It means that things don't always work out as planned, and intentions can be misconstrued. Emma, don't worry. I get you.

Our puppy Ruby is constantly growing in mammoth proportions. She is quickly becoming my stinkiest best friend ever. I really enjoy having her here with me during the day, and where else can you find such a cheery companion? She never insults me, and doesn't mind if I'm in my PJs past 10. She's such a good girl, and she loves Justin more than any other animal that walks the earth. She hears the garage door opening when he gets home, and immediately poises herself at the back door, ready to pounce on him the second he turns the handle. From then until about 8:30 it's wrestle-mania, tug-o-war, and joint-kitty-torture time. I want to be jealous that she loves him so much, but I can't compete with the on the floor wrestling, face licking, ear biting, and dog-like affection that goes on. And if I weren't Mormon, I'd totally think that Justin had been reincarnated from many dogs in the past, contributing to his drooling, large amounts of body hair, loyalty, and consistent good mood. I understand why Ruby loves him so much, because I love him too.

Next week I'll be leaving Utah to head for Florida with my family! My Dad is taking us to Disney World, and I am lucky enough that they don't mind me tagging along with them. I really am lucky. And they really are the best. And as much as I am sad that Justin can't go, I'm really excited to see them, and spend a little time in warmer weather. I guess it will be a last little vacation before the baby comes. I'm flying directly into Orlando, and will be there for 6 days. I'm super excited.

Lastly, in this long ramble of update items, Justin and I have pretty much decided on a name! We are really excited about it, and are making an effort to tell everyone what it is so NO ONE STEALS IT. And if anyone does steal it, you'll know where they stole it from. Right? Right.

So here it is- We've decided on...

Oliver Lee McDaniel. We'll call him Ollie

As always, I reserve the right to change my mind, right up to the point where I sign the birth certificate. But we're pretty sure this one is going to stick. We've already started calling him Ollie, and we're really pleased with it. I think it's adorable, and Justin likes that it has alternative meanings in skateboard terminology. We hope he'll appreciate that as well.


Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Love the name!!! Do you ever read Nie Nie Dialogues? She has an Ollie and I love the name. I hear all kinds of names at work, and that is one that I do not hear very often but is so adorable!!!

stevenellie said...

I love the name as well. My great grandpa (very, very sweet man just like my grandpa) went by Ollie, but his name was Alowishus. I suggested Oliver and the nick name Ollie to Steve, but he shot it down. I'm glad Justin likes it. We are still debating. Since we both don't like to debate we have stopped talking names for awhile. We'll see when the time comes.

aandkhousewright said...

what about thor? j/k! i just remember that from when you guys visited us in missouri.... so long ago! so excited for you!