January 26, 2010


I'm seriously considering starting a Ripple Afghan.

I need you to stop me. I have the horrible habit of always wanting to start big, beautiful projects, but never quite finishing them. But it's so beautiful. And I've wanted to make one for a while.

Tell me I need to wait until I know what we're having, and then I can make it in gender appropriate colors. Tell me not to even try to make it in a Queen size, because eventhough it would look incredible stretched across our bed, I might not make it past "footwarmer" status.

But how many cardigans does one baby need? I made three more this weekend. Once I know the gender, I can start on booties, but I'm on a crochet ROLL right now, I have a gift card to Michaels that's burning a hole in my pocket, and I just really want something exciting to work on.

Yes, I know it's only exciting for the first 50 rows or so.


Vallen Family said...

That is a BIG blanket, but I bet you would totally get it done. Unlike me who didn't even get the baby's blessing blanket finished. That is a really pretty banket, your hands would get so cramped from working on it. You are brave :)

Ellie said...

haha, can I move in with you for about a month and learn to make ripple afghans and baby cardigans??

I think a rainbow ripple afghan is a great idea, whether it's a boy or girl, just make sure to put in ALL the colors

though.. I am partial to pinks and purples if it is a girl...


Rachel said...

Okay, I understand why you would want to make it. Seriously. So. Beautiful. I like it in rainbow colors, but making it in a queen size would be completely overwhelming.

mo mcd said...

I'll play devil's advocate. They're really easy! (Nevermind the fact that I have less than 20 rows left to do on one that I started like, 5 years ago. I got the part that's done finished really fast! We just have too many blankets at our house, so I'm lacking in motivation.)

aandkhousewright said...

wait until you know what you're having... you don't want everything to be "gender nutural". it's only a few days away! i can't wait to hear. as for the size -- i have no help for you there. once you find out what you're having you still have a LONG time until the baby will actual be here, so i'd wait if i were you!

Jenny said...

Doug and I have a queen size one on our bed similar to that one with less colors that his great grandmother made for him. It's really nice and quite the keepsake!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt you can do anything you want to do. I have made a few afghans for queen size and king size beds. It takes a while, but it is worth all the time and effort.