January 6, 2010


So, we're back to Utah from West Virginia, and are no worse for the wear. Actually, we're about 150% better, thanks to the break, time spent with family and friends, and an additional carry-on full of Christmas goodies. I hate to admit it, but I was somewhat of a Scrooge when it came to Christmas this year. All of my gifts were homemade, except Jake's (what do you sew/crochet/paint for a 17 year old boy?). Maybe if I had super powers, I could have made him a new motorcycle, or a power tool, or something he'd really like. Instead, we settled for getting him a Mandolin chord book (to accompany his new instrument!) and a Jack Johnson anthology.

I was really happy with the gifts I made, and I really felt like it meant more, coming from my hands. Not that store bought gifts can't be equally as thoughtful, they totally can, I just didn't have the means to buy the thoughtful gifts I would have liked. I went for sentiment instead, and everyone seemed happy enough.

I think my Scrooginess came more from being a little overwhelmed with everything thats going on with us right now. I was at a critical stage of the pregnancy (for me) right over christmas, and getting past that week was more important to me then dwelling in it, as bad as that sounds. Also, travelling is stressful in general. Adding a dog was substantially more hassle, but it made me appreciate the fact that we could check her. When you have kids, you can't exactly check them in the cargo hold. They make flying more difficult before, during, and after, so I can't complain at all about the dog. I guess this will be one of the last times we fly anywhere without kids. I try to enjoy it while I can.

It was really fun to get snowed in the day after we got to Harpers Ferry. I believe it was one of the biggest December snows in years, and we ended up with almost 2 feet. Dad was outside snowblowing for at least 8 or 10 hours, two days in a row, and Mom and I stayed inside and did some baking.

Now that I'm back, I'm feeling a little lost, and seriously lacking motivation. I read a book, and realized that the reason why I don't read more is because I'm not what you might call a casual reader. When I open a book, I can't resist the urge to just finish it, little regard being paid to whether its actually good or not. I get engrossed and can't just read a little before bed every night. I find myself bargaining, "if you do the dishes, pay the mortgage, and fold this load of laundry, then you can read for an hour." So I do those things, and then an hour turns to three, and my day is shot. Maybe some day I'll be able to exercise an ounce of self control, and then I can read more frequently. Or maybe I should just read more long/boring books. I haven't tackled Anna Karenina yet...

In other news, I'm 15 1/2 weeks along, which is so exciting. I had a Drs appt on Monday, and to be honest, I was really nervous about it. Not that I had any reason to be, but I didn't get this far last time, and it was a little hard to imagine that I could get past that mark. But we hear the little heart pounding away, and it was such a wonderful feeling. Relief, happiness, excitement, and lots more. Justin was there with me, and it's so good to see how excited he is too. We are so ready to have this child in our life. I think that having to wait makes you appreciate it just a little bit more. We are scheduled to find out the sex on Feb. 1st. Hopefully it will cooperate, because I don't know if I could wait longer! I'm ready to start sewing and crocheting, and preparing everything for its arrival.

So, I think I'm going to go makea quiche. I have a round of pie dough that I made a month or so back that needs to be used up, and in case you weren't aware, I make some awesome quiche. I think blogging is my way of avoiding that task though, even if I don't mind it. After that, my goal is to get our room organized a bit so we can rearrange the furniture. After that? No clue. I guess I'll have to break down and start doing some real work, as hard as I try to avoid it.

As a side note, if you happen to know anyone that got engaged over the Christmas break and is looking for a wedding veil...

And I have eaten way too many Doritos lately while trying to decide what glorious thing to avoid cooking next. I think that must be a paradox.


Vallen Family said...

We are happy that things with the baby are going good. We are very happy for you and Justin

mo mcd said...

Austin said that Justin was pretty excited about hearing that heart beat!
I actually do know a couple people who have recently gotten engaged. Is there a website I should direct them to for you? Let me know!