September 1, 2009

The one with the waggley tail...

Justin has wanted a dog for a while now. Actually, he's wanted one forever. He loves dogs, and has always wanted us to have one, but our situation hasn't really been such that we could accomodate the time sacrifice. My parents got a dog about 2 years ago, and she completely changed my opinion of those things. She's sweet and friendly, obedient, and their house doesn't reek of dog.

So, I've come around to the idea of getting one. Now that I'm home, it would be much easier to care for one, I have the time to dedicate to it, and I wouldn't mind the companionship. I also think it might be good to have one trained before we have a baby so I'm not taking on multiple messes at the same time. We obviously want to have a baby ASAP, so is it a good time for us to get a dog?
It's something we frequently talk about, and we've decided that we'd want a golden retriever, or some kind of lab or lab mix. I like the glamorous long hair of the retriever because it doesn't shed as much, and from what we hear, they have a temperment similar to labs, which is good. It would need to be very trainable, and Justin has promised that he will use his training experience to make sure we have a very well behaved pooch.

The downsides are few, but significant. First, we don't have a yard. I know lots of people that have dogs and live in apartments or townhomes and are just fine, but I want to make sure this dog is very very happy living with us, and don't want to shortchange them by not having a yard. We would of course walk them multiple times a day, and we have plenty of places to do that, but they couldn't be "let outside" without a leash. Also, we plan on moving in the near future, and hopefully we'll have a yard by then, so it might be a temporary thing, this non-yard issue.

Second, we tend to travel about twice a year. And when we do, it's usually for 2 weeks or so. Now again, we plan on moving back next summer, so there might only be one such trip, but I don't want to have another animal that I'm leaving for a long time. I don't think that's too responsible.

Lastly, we're very active, and gone frequently, but many of the places we go, a dog can come. We're usually at the park playing frisbee in the evenings, so it could come with us, and even if we were gone in the evening, I'm home all day, so it shouldn't be too bad.

So what do you think? Are we crazy for even considering it? Yes. Yes we are. But we've just barely started talking about it, so it's definitely 100% up in the air, I just thought I'd throw it out there.

And with a face like this...


The G Fam said...

Go for it you guys! I do not know where Mike and I would be without Skip (although my next dog WILL be a lot less hairy, so do choose wisely!)
Labs are wonderful, and so are Golden Retrievers. We do have a yard, but Skip is an inside dog. They are so loving and loyal, and they actually depend on you (although we used to leave Skip for 10-11 hours everyday and he has done great!) Good luck!

The Hicks of Kentucky said...

Dogs are SO much fun!!! We absolutely LOVE our Pepper and honestly she has prepared us more for a baby than anything else! And I really like how she is now old enough and trained enough that I wont have two things to clean up after once the baby is here. So if you got one now you have at least 9 months to get it ready :o) I say go for it!

Doug said...

Moving back? Where? Here? That would be great! I can put in a good word with my employer for Justin if he's interested.

ma said...

You already know how I feel about this! I was a lonely girl before Rosie rescued me! And your little fluffy can come stay with Grandma and Rosie anytime. Its a huge committment though....but one thats worth it. What does hobbs say?

Coty said...

We have a chocolate lab. Her name is Ruthie-Jane and she is absolutely fabulous for the kiddos (and me).
We will be taking her to the beach with us this summer (twice), she travels really well and LOVES games like frisbee, tossing a tennis ball (her favorite), and she's so content just nawing on a rawhide bone...
All in all she has totally been worth the purchase price and she even lets Rhoane lay on top of her and snuggle with her, so cute.
When they are raised WITH a baby, they do just fine!
I'd say it's a GO! just get a crate, crate training when you have no yard is the BEST thing for quick potty training.
Okay, I think I've said my piece :)
Good luck!

Christine said...

Love our dog. Love, love, love her. We have boarded her on several occasions, but are super comfortable with the place we take her, she's actually spoiled there! Tons of play time and attention. Dogs rule.