June 19, 2009

Self Indulgent

It's official. Everyone except for me is pregnant and wants to talk about it, which kind of reminds me of pouring salt into a wound, rubbing it around, and dumping hydrochloric acid on top.

Waaa... Poor poor little baby me.


The G Fam said...

I'm not Amanda. And I will not even CONSIDER it till Collin is 18 months. Know exactly what you mean though.

Jenny said...

Not me.

I know I'm not exactly in the same boat as you, but I feel that way too. I'm really happy for them when they announce it, but then I just keep wishing that it was me.

The other day the woman that cleans my classroom asked me if I had any kids. When I told her that I had been married for 4 years now, she told me, "You should try, just one." Uh, thanks for the advice...

JAG said...

Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. You can talk to me safely.
I'm sorry - that must be awful.