June 18, 2009

A List of Things to Do:

I'm going home on the 28th!!! I'm so so so excited. It's just me, for 9 days, and it will be wonderful. I haven't been home by myself since last May for T's graduation, which didn't last very long, so I'm really excited to have some me-time with the fam. Not that I don't love it when Justin's there. I'm pretty much having panic attacks thinking about leaving him for 9 days. I'm not worried about him at all- I'm worried about me. But it's going to be awesome, so the rational part of my brain is telling the ridiculous and irrational part of my brain that there's nothing to worry about!

Here's a list of things we're planning on doing while I'm home:

  1. Pick Blueberries!
  2. Go to G Street Fabrics
  3. Go to the Offray Ribbon Outlet
  4. Eat at Panera
  5. Eat at Roy Rogers
  6. Eat at China Fortune
  7. Go to the other outlets
  8. Meet Dad for lunch and see his job site!
  9. Go on many long walks with Rose-a-loo
  10. Take lots of pictures
  11. Walk downtown
  12. Get Facials!
  13. AND Foot massages!
  14. Talk a lot
  15. Sleep enough
  16. Cook a bit
  17. Give Rosie lots of treats
  18. Sweat more than I'm used to
  19. Hang out with Jake and Margie
  20. Call Justin multiple times a day
  21. Pray for Calvin's physical welfare and bladder control
  22. Get our hair cut! (sorry I forgot this one!)
I'm sure there's things I've left off here that we've planned on, but there's so many fun things, can you blame me?


ma said...

Don't forget a haircut... and how about a Pride and Prejudice marathon... we're due. Mr. Darcy needs us. And we need him. What do you say?

aandkhousewright said...

i can't tell you how good that sounds!!! can i come too... without my kids and husband?!? come back in july and go to the beach with us! we need to hang out! and paint each other's toenails like we used to! by the way ... i've been wanting to talk to you about a "work from home" opportunity i know of if you'd be interested. email me at kellyhousewright@gmail.com

The G Fam said...

I'm PRETTY jealous! I SOO need a lot of those fixes~oh how I miss G street fabrics and the Offray Ribbon Outlet!

DC Buer's said...

Oh how fun!