March 15, 2009

Saturday in Sepia

gettin' some air
Heidi got a haircut! And bangs!

We made Ben and Erica matching shirts, and I'm glad he likes it.

Ethan enjoys playing along.

tag with mom

I'll consider this a picture of me.



Vallen Family said...

I'm glad you caught the pic of Ethan tagging me cuz now I have proof that I've gotten off my butt at least 1 time since December. lol :o) I love the pic's you take! Oh, and we went to costco after the game and people were staring at him and we didn't really think about why we were getting the odd looks until we were at the check out. One guy bumped into stuff cuz he was reading Ben's shirt. It was classic!

Jenny said...

I love your pictures! They are beautiful. The T-Shirts you made for Ben and Erica are awesome.