March 8, 2009

Antiquing / Update

I woke up yesterday with the urge to go an antique store I had been wanting to check out. I LOVE antique stores, and Justin was a good husband to oblige and go with me. Let me just say, it was a jackpot.

The Antiques and Treasures Mall right off of I-15 in Springville was AMAZING. Pretty much, it was two warehouses packed full of crap. And by crap, I mean treasures. I didn't buy anything huge, but I did get a couple of goodies:

5 Bottles and a Robin's Egg Blue Pyrex bowl. I also got a large pineapple doily, but didn't manage to fit it into the picture. The bottles were about a dollar each, and the bowl was 12. It's funny because I tend to gravitate to the same things every time: bottles and doilies. It's great because both are usually very cheap.

Anyway, if you want to dig around for some treasures, go check that place out. They had a ton of cute furniture that could be refurbished, lots of quilts, linens, dishes, and anything else you can think of. And let me know if you're going, because I want to go with you.

By way of an update- we found out yesterday that Rick's tumor is unfortunately malignant. He will be speaking with an oncologist in the beginning of the week to map out a treatment plan. Other than that, he's doing well and feeling Ok, as far as we know. He's still in the hospital, but hopefully can get home soon. We aren't really sure on many of the specifics. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.

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