January 30, 2009

Dear Mom.

Hi Mom!

That's so sad. But I know what you mean about those things being sad and a little happy at the same time. A celebration of life, and a mourning of a loss. I'm glad you got to see what they did.

I think its wonderful when people do their own thing, and celebrate or mourn things in their own way. Especially when it's representative of what the person would want. It's neat to me that they did that. When I die, I fully expect there to be watermelon to go around, and a week at the beach in honor of me.

I don't really know if anyone would want pictures of us. I guess I could get 4 or 5 just in case, and could ask people if they'd like one. How much are they each? It's kind of weird for me to think that someone would want to look at a picture of me on their piano. Except you, but that's for obvious reasons. I don't know though. I can ask Justin and see what he thinks.

I found a new bakery I want to go scope out. It's called the Sweet Tooth Fairy. The web site is adorable, (you should check it out- www.thesweettoothfairy.com) and looks just like what I'd like to do. More and more, I'm wanting to scrap the wedding cake thing and just do specialty birthday cakes and such in smaller, less tiered sizes. I think it would help us with risk management. And all varieties of cupcakes, fruit pastries, and cookies should be available at all times. Ahh, well. It's something fun to think about.

I bought myself some red lipstick on my lunch break today. I didn't eat my breakfast, so I ate it for lunch, and spent the money I would have spent on food, on lipstick instead. It's fun. It's more of a nutty brown red, and I like it. I'm planning on wearing it more often, and maybe my days will be a little brighter. Between that and my cupcake chucks, I can't see how a day could go wrong.

Also, I think I need to quit my job and be a full time crafter. Because it makes money (not), and because I am constantly distracted by the projects I want to do next. I think that's my mind hinting to me that I'm in the wrong career. I need to learn how to sew better, because half of them are clothes or house linens, and I'm sure I couldn't make them turn out nearly as nice as I picture them, given my current skill set. This is totally random, but you're used to that by now, right? I saw a post on Angry Chicken (here: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2009/01/refashined-small-style.html) and was completely floored by the cuteness. Also, because that's exactly the kind of project I would dream up. Chopping up something perfectly good to make something perfectly better. Perfectly ADORABLE! Anyway, that's what made me think of it. We could craft together. Once we get our bakery up and running, that is. We are going to be bajillionaires by the time we're done funnelling all our talent. I just can't see how it could go wrong. :)

Anyway, thanks for letting me yack on a bit. I've been feeling a bit lonely, and a little sad lately, so I always appreciate your listening ear and caring responses.

You're the best!


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