December 11, 2008

I got the cupcakes.

I know. I know.

Not ONE of you voted for them, but alas. They are gotten.

The only people that voted for cupcakes were my Dad, Justin, and Heidi's boy friend Zack. So congrats you guys! You win. I was actually going to get the blue flowered ones, but they were out of my size by the time I was able to get back on the web site. Oh well. The cupcakes were my original love, and I guess it matters most what I like, and not what everyone else likes. So I followed my heart. You guys will see when they come that they really are the cutest ones ever! And I'm really excited for them to get here.

On another, just as exciting note, I had my last class EVER of college today! It's such a great feeling to almost be done. I just have finals next week, and then it's all over. As long as I pass, which I definitely should.

So yay! More celebration will be in order next week, but for now, it feels good to have everything done and turned in, and to not have to walk to campus each morning in the brisk cold anymore. It will be so nice to jsut be able to go to work in Springville (like 5 minutes away) come home for lunch, and come home at the end of the day without having to go to Provo, school, pleasant grove, etc. My driving will be cut by about 3/4. My boss is pretty happy too, because now I'll be working full time. Awesome. JK. Except maybe I'll be eligible for paid time off, sick leave, and a honkin raise. Minus the raise. I'm not holding my breath for that. Well, maybe a little one at least.

P.S. I LOVE the cupcakes, no matter what you say. When else will I be able to have shoes with dessert on them and actually pull it off? I say I needed to grab ahold of this great opportunity... I did and I'm stoked.


Rachel said...

I agree with you. After I voted, I wished I would have changed my vote. (I guess I didn't realize I could have.) I'm glad you got the cupcakes.

Tommy said...

The people spoke, Amanda! Then you went behind all of our backs and went with the one that got ZERO official votes. Maybe I will just get the quilted ones for myself then!

ma said...

Hold your head high and wear those cupcakes with pride! And if Tommy will wear the quilted ones I will pay him money!!!