October 28, 2008

Minor Distractions

I find that if I don't let my mind wander throughout the day, I generally have a bad day. I'm definitely a dreamer, and letting my mind drift in and out of reality helps me to overall be a nicer/better/happier person. So, today is one of those days when I try to leap into the world of abstraction more often than not.

There's a quote haning in my office from Walt Disney that says,

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

I think there's truckload of truth in that.

Afterall, Disney did some amazing things.
Exhibit A:

Anyway, I thought I'd put down a few of the things that take my mind away from the mundane. And isn't it true that the first step in achieving something is writing it down? It's kind of a big dela to take something from your brain, and put it into words. It seems to make your dreams more concrete- like you might actually get them someday.

1) I day dream about opening a bakery. I'd love to have a little bake shop on a main street in a little town like at home. Right now I'm loving the idea of having it be an "unrefined" bakery, where there's no refined sugar, grains, etc. used. I haven't exactly figured out how to adapt all of my recipes yet, but that's half of what I think about. It would have to be completely adorable inside, and have a really cute name/logo. Any ideas? Anyone want to sign up for the morning shift? I sure as heck won't be there, as soon as this thing starts rolling. But I'll definitely let you take home day-olds and mess ups. I won't be stingy with my stuff like some people.

2) I day dream about crafting. Mainly things I would like to make for my house. Right now on my list: A doily for the top of the piano, and doily for my dresser, and also one for the bookshelf. Curtains for my room and the living room. Paintings (see below) for my bedroom, guestroom, and living room. Clothes for myself. Also, I dream about all the things I'd like justin to make for me. Like a coat rack, more bookshelves, a matching nightstand for his side, and more bookshelves. I think his list is longer than mine. Sorry Honey.

3)I day dream about painting. Right now, I want to paint silhouettes for our bedroom. The background will be light blue to match our quilt, and the figures will be either navy, brown, or black, I haven't decided. for the guest room, I want to do either 9 or 16 little square canvases that are painted to match the quilt squares of the quilt on that bed. I would make a stamp with a swirly pattern of some kind, and then just stamp the same design on each square, pairing colors on the canvases the same ways they are paired on the quilt. for the living room, I want to paint the quotes I've been gathering. I haven't decided if I want to do watercolor, and actually paint a scene for each (and only do like 4 of 5) or if I should use acryllic and paint just the words in more vibrant colors. I'm leaning towards vibrant colors because my living room needs some spunking up.

4) I day dream about getting a new camera, and all the pictures I'd take. I usually think about this as I'm driving, because I'm looking around at all of the beautiful things I could be photographing. I think the firs thing I'd do is get a polorized lense and take a million pictures of clouds. I'm totally fascinated by them, and how the sun bounces off of them. I think they're like Heavenly Father's wallpaper, and since he's probably slightly ADD like myself, he likes His wallpaper to change constantly. There's always something new and beautiful to look at, and no two pictures taken of clouds would ever be the same. Sunsets can also go in this category. The next thing I'd start taking pictures of is all of the beautiful tiny little things in nature. There are so many things that are beautiful if you just lay down in the grass and look at the dirt. Tiny bugs, tiny plants, little itsy bitsy creations that no one ever notices.

5) Last one. I day dream about where I'll be in 10, 20, 30, 50 years. There are so many places I could be and things I could be doing. Which one will I choose?

So, these are the ramblings of my mind, which is always in motion. Sometimes I wake up in the morning at 6:00 or even earlier, and can't get back to sleep because my mind spins. But with so many good things to think about, why would I sleep?

Answer: because by 6:00 pm, I'm wiped out.

Sometimes I think they need to invent a muscle relaxer for your brain. Oh wait. They did- and I think its called weed. Too bad. (Just kidding...)

No- I actually think it's more productive to be thinking all the time. But if it takes me a minute to answer a question sometime, it may be because I'm like 30 steps ahead in the conversation. No offense.


Megan said...

Lets open up that bakery together (I'll take the morning shift!)

ma said...

I like mornings! I like baking! I like bread! Pick me! The name needs to express good health and happiness both, like Good Life Bakery or grateful harvest or grains for life.... Can I do special unrefined whole grain dog treats? Healthy people want healthy dogs too! Free samples....

Manda McDaniel said...

AH! Love it all. You and Megan can get things started, and I'll come in around 8... hahaha. No- I'd be there with you of course, to make sure you don't give rosie too many treats! lol. She could be the resident pooch. rosalicious...