September 6, 2008

Too much time? Or maybe...

... I'm just obsessed with my hubby! He really is such a neat guy, and since he's out golfing with his friend Mike this morning, I thought I'd blog about him a little for those of you who don't know him as well as I do!

1. What is his name? Justin Lee McDaniel
2. Who eats more? Definitely Justin. He's extremely active, and a guy, so that equals lots of food.
3. Who said I love you first? Justin, and it took him about six months to get it out. To his credit, he let me know it long before he ever said the words.
4. Who is taller? Justin, but only by a little more than an inch.
5. Who is smarter? That's a hard one. I think we're both smart in different ways. Overall though, Justin has a much better memory, so if we're talking facts or movie lines, he wins. If we're talking figuring stuff out, or making up answers that are actually right, I win.
6. Who is more sensitive? Me. Justin is sensitive with me, but he still tries to be a tough guy with everyone else.
7. Who does the laundry? When we had to go to the laundromat (sp?), it was equal, because we went together in the evenings. Now that we have a washer and dryer, I am the only one that does the laundry. That's fine for right now though because the idea of doing laundry at home is still extremely novel.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When facing it, I am I guess. Not sure why that matters.
9. Who pays the bills? I do.
10. Who does most of the cooking? I do. But Justin always insists on preparing meat if we have it. I think he thinks it's the guy thing to do...
11. What meals do you cook together? There really isn't anything in particular that we always cook together, but Justin will usually help if he's home and not doing anything else.
12. Who is more stubborn? Neither of us are very stubborn, but Justin is very particular about somethings. Like clothes that sit in the washer over-night, his hair, wearing skate shirts everywhere, wearing skate shoes, and the height of his socks.
13. Who is the first to admit that they are wrong?Always me. I apologize for things I don't even do wrong. Justin usually assumes that I know he's sorry, and moves on with life. I wish I could be like that sometimes. I'd spend less time fretting for sure.
14. Who has more siblings? We both come from families with 4 kids.
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Definately him. He'd probably say me to try and be cute, but he knows I'd do anything he asked me to. Thankfully he doesn't abuse that priveledge.
16. What do you like to do together? Talk, play Ultimate Frisbee, ride his motorcycle, cuddle...
17. Who eats more sweets? He does. I really don't eat many sweets. He's a little less concerned with his girlish figure.
18. What is his guilty pleasure? Probably ice cream or chocolate chip cookies/dough.
19. How did you meet? We gre up in the same ward in WV. He came back from his mission a new man, and the rest is history...
20. Who asked who out first? He asked me out. We went out with his sister and her date to see Napoleon Dynamite at the theater, but our first "alone" date, Justin packed us a picnic, and we went down to the river and ate fluffer-nutters, cucumbers, carrots, and I think water? He brought a purple gerbera daisy for the picnic table, and burned a copy of the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack for us to listen to. It was perfect, and I was smitten (although I didn't let him know for a few more months...)
21. Who kissed who first? Justin definately kissed me. He even asked me permission. He was so nervous and cute... It was my first kiss.
22. Who proposed? Justin proposed. We had of course talked about it, but the first time we said the "m" word was the summer before I left for school, on my front porch. Again, he was nervous, and I was scared to death.
23. His best features? I love the little curl he gets in his lips when he's trying hard not to smile. He also does it when he's lying, which makes it impossible for him to ever not tell me the truth, as long as I'm looking at him...
24. What is his greatest quality? He is a friend to everyone, and genuinly cares for people. He's fun to be around, and is always there if anyone needs him.

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Megan said...

No, that article was just about the white stuff. Honey, maple syrup...all of that is ok in moderation. How did the bread turn out? Did you get the email I sent you after we chatted?