September 24, 2008

In case you couldn't tell

I'm home, sick, from school/work today. I've been on the couch with my quilt and kitties all day, which gives me a chance to do a little more blogging than usual... Hope it's not obnoxious.

I realized that I've been posting a lot about random stuff lately, which is probably not what people care about that much. So if you're a relative who just wants to know what we're doing and have a few pictures to gander at, this is the post for you. For now anyway.

I think I might start another blog soon that can be a place for all my random stuff, and keep this one strictly us-related. Does that sound like a good idea? Or do you like it mixed up a bit? Let me know, and that's what I'll do.

Here's a few pictures from today:

The kitties are best at keeping me company. I used to be under this big mess of snuggles, but got up to take a picture because it was so cute. They were like this for about 2 hours... Calvin came back for more when I sat back down. What a good boy...

These always make me feel better... They are yummy, and cheaper than frozen blueberries. I took a picture of a piece of it in my hand, but it looked kind of gross, so here's the bag I emptied...

We recently acquired this adorable bookshelf from Pier 1, thanks to an unnamed generous donation. Justin picked it out himself, and I am really proud of him. He has great taste, especially when it comes to wood products. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and stability. I put all my cookbooks on it so it is easily accessible from the kitchen without taking up counter space. It also makes the transition from living room to kitchen a little less abrupt by covering up the back of the couch. I want to crochet a doily for the top, and also one for the top of my dresser.
Those will probably take me about 15 years to complete. :)

Notice the v-shaped shelf, held up by criss-cross side bars. It's so cute, and perfect for holding bigger books. It also makes everything easier to see and grab quickly. Awesome. Our little house is coming together, finally!

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