September 9, 2008

A Bit of Bad News

Two bad things happened tonight. I'll list them in order of severity.

1) We found a very large spider in the garage. Black and huge. I am terrified of spiders, and this is the first one we've found in our new place. The fact that it was ginormous and black and scary doesn't make me feel mushy inside. Hopefully it was the last one crawling out of it's cave from the construction days. Makes me a little uneasy though. I don't want little creatures crawling around my home. Go get your own home, spiders!

2) I got in a car accident. It wasn't my fault though. I was sitting at a light on 500 West in Provo, on my way home from school tonight, and a guy came barreling up behind me and slammed into my bumper. Surprisingly, there was very little damage to my car. His car, however, was completely totaled. The hood was crunched up about two feet into the front of the car. Their airbags deployed, and their windshield was smashed. His wife went to the emergency room because she was feeling dizzy and had a few cuts, but both he and I were fine.

The amazing part of it was really how little damage was done to my car. Also, I was lucky that I wasn't very close to the car in front of me, or it could have been much worse. He hit me very hard, and by the looks of his hood, he went about 2 feet under my car. My bumper was knocked loose and my muffler was dented, but other than that, I had no damage. I felt really bad for him- it looked as if they had just gotten married because there were still remnants of the reception graffiti on their car. That's a horrible thing to have happen when you first get married. Luckily, he had comprehensive coverage on his car...

I just have to say that Justin and I have had many instances lately where we have been watched over by Heavenly Father. Seeing the damage to his car compared to mine, you wouldn't believe they were even in the same accident. We joke that Justin has angels following him, because in the evenings, the streetlights always go out when he's under them. But really, I'm starting to be convinced that it's not a joke, but the truth. We are so grateful for our safety and the guiding hand of the Lord in our lives. We are so blessed!

If only He could get rid of all my spiders...

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