September 8, 2008

As promised... Muffins!

Since I'm sure you are all losing sleep with the anticipation of finding out about how my muffins went...

They went ok. I used Spelt flour, because it is apparently lighter than hard red wheat. You begin with soaking the flour for 12-24 hours in buttermilk, which I talked about in a previous post. The next day, I added some maple syrup, melted butter, spices, baking soda and peaches.

This resulted in dense, somewhat dry muffins. The peaches (they were 'fruit spice' muffins...) did not have quite enough flavor to make a presence in these muffins. I believe that next time, I'd partner the denser than normal dough with a stronger flavored fruit, such as dates, raisins, or currants. Blueberries would work too I think. The peach was simply too light to add much to an otherwise bland dough. Also, they were very wet, which made for soft mushy spot in the finished mufifns, and since I have a strong aversion to soggy bread, that was a no go.

All in all, not something I'd make again, and not a recipe I'd post here, but with some tweaking, maybe some more butter, a stronger fruit, and more spices, I think it'd be just fine. If I figure it out, I'll put it here!

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