July 10, 2008

*CAUTION* Very long post ahead...

So, I've been having a few space issues on my laptop, and haven't been able to dowload pictures for a while, so here's an update of the last few months!

Justin and I drove with some friends (Jamie and Lindsay Vallen) to New Mexico for Leah Hurst's wedding. It was a very short trip, but we were lucky enough to get to see my parents, and many family friends, and celebrate with Leah and the Hursts. The wedding was beautiful, and the warm weather was a welcome escape from the unusually chilly spring we had here!

As always, I have to include a picture of our kitties. I'm not sure how they got into this heap, but I'm sure that little Calvin is getting smushed by big Hobbes...

For a few months, Mom and I had been tossing around the idea of surprising Tommy for his graduation by flying me home. We finally decided to do it, and were able to keep it a secret from everyone. On Thursday, mom came and picked me up from the airport, and as we drove up our street, she called Tommy and asked him to bring everyone outside. The look on their faces was definately one I won't forget! It was such a fun surprise, and I had a nice weekend with the fam... Also, my parents got their first dog last october-ish. Rosie is a sweet dog, and always loves to play and lick your toes. gross.

Justin turned 25 in June. We had a few friends over for cake, which was fun! He's getting old...
The next day, we left for a little weekend trip to California.

We went to Redondo Beach the first day, and then went here, to Huntington Beach the other two days. We stayed in Long Beach, and got a great deal on a hotel, thanks to Rick! The beaches were nice, and everything was really fun, but in my opinion, there's no better place in the world than the Outer Banks in North Carolina!
While we were there, we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Justin convinced Kim and I to go with him on the bungee/skydiving apparatus they have set up there. We took a video, and as soon as I figure out a place to host videos, I'll get it and a few other videos up here!

We went to CA with our good friends Mike and Kim Keay. I thought this picture was pretty funny, A) because of Mike's face, and B) because of his ridiculous tan lines. According to Kim, those have since dissipated a bit, because he burned pretty badly that day.

Of course, Justin had to be buried in the sand, which meant that we had to do some silly sand formation around him. If you can't tell, which you probably can, he's some type of mermaid with a scandalous bikini, and an archaic loin cloth.

Last Thursday, my sister Maggie came out to visit us for the week! We've had a blast with her out here! On the fourth of July, we went to Provo's Stadium of Fire, where we saw Miley Cyrus and the Blue Man Group. It was an amazing show! My favorite part was when some people parachuted into the stadium. It was very cool to see! The fireworks were amazing, and we are very grateful to Tommy for managing to get us the tickets!

While Mag was here, we went to Seven Peaks water park here in Provo. It was a lot of fun, even though the day was a bit cloudy. We went with our friends Jamie and Lindsay.

Justin's goin to hate me for posting this, but I'm so proud, I couldn't help it! Justin has gotten a job with Utah County Sheriff's office as a Judicial Police Officer. This monday, he began the police academy. They are pushing him very hard and teaching him a lot, and he loves every minute of it! I'm really proud of him, because it's not often that the county pays to put someone through the training, but he made such a good impression on them, that they were willing to put him through for free, and pay him while he's there! We are so lucky and blessed!

It's definitely official!
We went ice-blocking with Maggie at rock Canyon park. It was lots of fun, and Tommy successfully caught a few flies on that tongue...

Sorry that this is so long, but we wanted to get everyone updated on what we've been up to! hopefully we'll be able to get our computer problems worked out and post more frequently! We hope everyone is doing well, and that we will hear from you all soon!


aandkhousewright said...

Congrats to Justin! My mom told me you guys are going to be staying out there now, huh? I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since you guys visited here. I miss you and wish you could come back through and stop and see us. Sounds like you're having way too much fun!

Christine said...

Hey! I found your blog, love it!!! Can I link you on mine? Makes me miss you guys. Looks like quite a life you have out there! Congrats Justin - knew you were the man.